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Here is What you can post to the Throne Room

Feel free to post whatever you like in the main journal, as long as it is related to a fictional villain in some way, shape or form.
You can post:
  • Reviews/Ratings of your favourite villain, or your latest villain obsession.
  • Fanart: icons, banners, other graphics, etc
  • Fanfic: whatever floats your boat
  • General fiction stories you'd like to share - as long as they focus on a villain.
  • And well, anything else villainy you can think of.
Villain Reviews - Our "Shrieks" Rating System
  • Reviews MUST include a Rating between 1-10 *bone chilling* "Shrieks" - 10 Shrieks being the scariest/best villain.
  • Reviews MUST include what you think is their "scariest factor/feature".
  • Reviews SHOULD be as detailed as possible.
Fiction & Fanfic Format:
  • Title:
  • Fandom/Genre: If you're writing fanfic, please mention what shipping/pairing you're using.
  • Rating: Indicate the appropriate age group of the reader
  • Disclaimer: General disclaimer stating whether the concepts you're writing about is original, or based on some one else's work.
  • Lenth: What type of story is it, drabble, short story, a chapter, etc
  • Summary/Blurb: If you want to, quote a short sentence or two from your story to wet our appetite.
<cut text="Insert witty link title">
Insert your story behind a cut!
FanArt & Other Images Format:
  • Icons: Display 3 icons as a teaser. Place the rest behind a cut.
  • Banners/Other Images: Images larger than 300x500px must be placed behind a cut.
  • Wallpaper: Wallpaper sized images should be displayed via a thumbnail, with a link to the site where you uploaded the image (e.g. to your photobucket album).


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