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Hello, *waves* I'm Minuit, the creator of Castle Villainy.

Castle Villainy will be the home to villains, rogues, evil kings and queens, and any other bad characters you can think of in fiction (be it books, film or tv); along with the people who admire, love, adore, and worship these evil characters.

I for one, have always loved the bad/evil/rogue characters in most books&films&tv shows I've come across. I almost always *secretly* want the baddies to win. So I've created a place for all those who secretly, or not so secretly, feel the same way to come together and discuss the baddies that they admire/love/worship/adore.

This place is not just for squealing over how hot the actor/actress who plays the villain is. I also want to discuss some more serious aspects of why you love the evil characters. For me, most times it is because the evil ones in the story are the only ones with any real depth to their characters. The heroes are all to often one dimentional and somewhat flat.

I'm still working on building the grapics and images to use in the layout, and compiling icons of all my favourite villains.  So please bear with me in the meantime. 

Please Feel Free to Join while the community is still under construction!

So, my favourite villains.
- Spike & Drucilla - I love Spike.  He's handsome, strong, and deadly.  I do like Spike and Buffy, but Spike was so much better when he was with Drucilla.  Those were a pair of villains you could sink your teeth into.  So utterly crazy and so much mayhem, and utterly without a conscience. 

- Dexter - a forensic scientist working with a squad full of cops is a serial killer.  Need I say more?

- Victor Creed - aka Sabretooth - my newest villain obsession.  In the X-men Origins: Wolverine movie, you really get to see how Victor became the way he is, and get inside his head.  He is nothing but pure animal instincts, and perhaps not so much evil as brutal.  He's also droolworthily handsome.

- Cole from Charmed - I mean during the time that he was the Source of All Evil.  Absolutely gorgeous, and so powerful.  And I repeat, the Source of All Evil.

- Edward - from the Anita Blake books.  He's not a nice character and he doesn't pretend to be.  He's got a code and sticks to it, he kills monsters.  There are no pretences, he is deadly. 

- Belle Morte - also from Anita Blake books.  She is the ultimate vampire queen.  She is a master of manipulation, and men both fear and worship her.

- Syler - from Heroes (excuse me if I've spelt his name wrong).  The only character who doesn't change personalities like they change clothes.  Syler is the one constant you can count on.  He's always going to have that monster lurking inside.  And he's got that cold, chilling and slightly blank expression that just sends shivers down your spine.  I hated the episodes when they tried to make out that Syler could be good. 

- The Godfather - don't really know if he's a villain or not, but seeing as how he's a mafia boss, I'm voting for villain.  I love all the actors who had a turn at playing the Godfather, but Al Pacino is my all time favourite.  Some of the things he does don't seem so bad, until you take a step back and go, ok, he's just done what?

- Ares - from Xena.  The God of War, he literally thrives on violence.  Plus he's so dark and handsome, and oh so tempting. 

- Calisto - from Xena.  I love her back story, on the one hand, I understood what drove her to do the things she did. On the other, she is absolutely crazy.  And her eyes, the window to her soul, is the craziest and scariest part of her

- Daemon Sadi - from Anne Bishop's "BlackJewels" Trilogy - he's the protagonist of the story, but is capable of great evil.  He's what you'd call a dark and tortured soul.  This series is not one for the squeamish or faint hearted, but I definitely recommend it. 



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