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Sep. 23rd, 2012 09:19 pm
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So I'm a new member. I'm not quite sure how this works....

1. I'm not super picky about my name, really. You can call me any combination of Redwood Alchan, or just call me Alice ;)
2. Eh, I couldn't say exactly how or why I came to love villains. I guess it just grew out of watching long chains of dark and violent shows over the years, which kind-of got me really open to the notion of evil or roguish characters from all walks of life. I tend to get really attached to villains that are at least somewhat tragic or romanticized, for some reason I can't quite name.
3. My favorite villains tend to change. Currently, I like Mao from "Code Geass" and, well, pretty much any villain from "Pokemon," but especially Cyrus. I just think that they're not only spectacularly evil but also spectacularly tragic.
4. And... that's all I have to say, really. It bugs me when people say villains are so evil they have no fans and nobody likes them.
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Ok, so I started this community just before it was time for my exams.  Very very bad timing on my part. *facepalm* So my appologies for not posting anything since then. 

My exams are now over.  Yay! And now I will be working on expanding this community, and posting up entires :D  teehee. 

Anywho, stay tuned. 
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So, after seeing the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, I have a new BadBoy to love - Victor Creed - aka Sabretooth
*squeee* *sigh* *grins*

So of course, I must make some more Icons :D


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Hello all,

Castle Villainy has officially opened!!!

The rules have been finalised for now.  If issues arise, then I'll flesh those rules out a bit more.

Start Joining and Posting!

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Here is What you can post to the Throne Room

Feel free to post whatever you like in the main journal, as long as it is related to a fictional villain in some way, shape or form.
You can post:
  • Reviews/Ratings of your favourite villain, or your latest villain obsession.
  • Fanart: icons, banners, other graphics, etc
  • Fanfic: whatever floats your boat
  • General fiction stories you'd like to share - as long as they focus on a villain.
  • And well, anything else villainy you can think of.
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The Rules of Castle Villainy have been finalised. For now. The details may be fleshed out a bit more later, as needed.

Joining Castle Villainy:

  • You must love villains of all shapes and sizes.
  • Introduce yourself to the rest of the Castle in the "Throne Room" (aka the main journal). - See below for the format.
  • Use cuts for long posts! - see below for details.
  • Be Polite - No Spamming or Flaming allowed.
  • Use proper English as much as possible. Some netspeak is ok, but do not fill an entire post/comment with netspeak.

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Welcome to our 1st Official Member [personal profile] choco_dreamer !!!

Yay! teehehe

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So, just an update. 

I've finalised the journal layout and bio profile for the community.  Still fleshing out the rules a bit, so they might change.     Please feel free to make some suggestions. 

... getting very very close to the official opening!
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Hello, *waves* I'm Minuit, the creator of Castle Villainy.

Castle Villainy will be the home to villains, rogues, evil kings and queens, and any other bad characters you can think of in fiction (be it books, film or tv); along with the people who admire, love, adore, and worship these evil characters.

I for one, have always loved the bad/evil/rogue characters in most books&films&tv shows I've come across. I almost always *secretly* want the baddies to win. So I've created a place for all those who secretly, or not so secretly, feel the same way to come together and discuss the baddies that they admire/love/worship/adore.

This place is not just for squealing over how hot the actor/actress who plays the villain is. I also want to discuss some more serious aspects of why you love the evil characters. For me, most times it is because the evil ones in the story are the only ones with any real depth to their characters. The heroes are all to often one dimentional and somewhat flat.

I'm still working on building the grapics and images to use in the layout, and compiling icons of all my favourite villains.  So please bear with me in the meantime. 

Please Feel Free to Join while the community is still under construction!

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